Label press.

Position:NARROW WEB Products

Koenig & Bauer AG

Wurzberg, Germany

Used for printing 50-500 micron thick labels and laminates, Varius LX-TX features ghosting-free short inking units and achieves necessary format flexibility without complicated sleeves using imaged and interchangeable offset plates. It is based on UV offset technology.

Semi-rotary drive allows continuous variation of printing length without changes for plate and blanket cylinder. Fully automatic plate change, auto register and optional quick-change doctor blade chambers also minimize setup times.

The fully modular design of the Varius LX-TX is not a purely offset press but a flexible and configurable, user-oriented technology platform for the printing, finishing and postpress required for premium labels. Instead of the anilox inking units, longer inking units without damping units can be integrated as well as modules for UV varnishing...

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