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The KURZ Group is the global leader in hot and cold stamping Technologies and stamping tools and machines. Kurz has a growing collection of production facilities located globally including the US, Pacific and Europe, providing full service experience and exceptional global consistency when it comes to maintaining brand standards and colors. KURZ is the expert in new technologies and decoration developments to enhance brands with exceptional beauty and functionality for both primary and secondary packaging.

KURZ, with research and development departments in both Europe and the United States, coupled with customer service and on-site technical assistance, supports its customers internationally with complete, customtailored solutions comprising foils, application machines and stamping tools.


The incorporation of hot stamping provides a clear and value-added differentiation in shelf appeal. The stamped decor creates a visual interpretation of the products, fully aligned with brand objectives. Hot stamping is especially suitable for'emotionalizing'products.The variou visual and tactile effects of foil stamping invoke curiosity and invite the buyer to purchase the products. Embossed and structured stampings further enhance the creation of a premium perceived value. The cold foil process is so cost effective that foil decoration is more feasible than ever for mass-produced goods. Low initial costs at the printer level and the process capabilities of cold foiling have driven the utilization of cold foil products. KURZ products include overprintable cold foils for the web and sheet-fed markets. KURZ offers a machine for cold foiling called the DISTORUN unit which is able to deliver the value of foil savings as well as stamp registered images for an even more cost-effective process.


The world is quickly becoming digital, and our Kurz Digital Solutions division is quickly paving the way in integrating traditional foil decoration with functional solutions for brand protection and interactive communication. KDS delivers greater design flexibility and the opportunity to use refined elements like hot-stamped logos or holographic images as digital...

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