After more than ten years and working with thousands of users, ktMINE has fully reimagined the Search Application within its suite of Intellectual Property (IP) data products.

The Search App is a powerful research tool that goes beyond the standard methodology of using public databases and search engines to inform strategic business decisions. The App was developed by technologists and industry professionals who wanted to provide a better way to search, review, and analyze IP Data.

With the latest release, users will have immediate access to an improved interface and customer experience. Additionally, the App's enhancements focus on the following areas:

Searching Reviewing Results Analytics Storing Information Customization Exporting

"As we approached the overhaul of the Search App we aimed to provide sophisticated and robust searching capabilities while maintaining a level of intuitive simplicity." says Michael Taylor, ktMINE CEO. "The resulting product is truly a reimagined solution that helps our diverse user community from competitive intelligence, IP commercialization, to benchmarking transactions for valuation and transfer pricing."

What makes the reimagining of the App so...

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