Kramer, Jane. Lone patriot; the short career of an American militiaman.

Author:Puffer, Raymond L.
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review - Brief Article

Random House, Vintage. 259p. c2002.1-4000-3232-6. $14.00. SA

The U.S. has always had its lunatic fringe, of course: those self-disenfranchised souls who manage never to quite fit in with their society. Often these eccentrics will drift together and manage to transform their feelings of inadequacy into some Glorious Cause or other. Some of these groups are harmless--UFO believers and the like. Within the last few years, however, many have formed themselves into anti-government "citizen militias." Some of these groups become genuinely dangerous; others are little more than paranoid loudmouths. It is not always easy to tell the difference.

John Pitner was the honcho of one of these alienated groups, a self-styled Patriot who convinced a few hotheads to join in a war against the so-called New World Order, the "multinationalists" who were perceived enemies of the American way of life. No fire-breathing John Brown of Harper's Ferry fame, Pitner talked darkly of revolution and trained his followers in ragtag commando tactics. Most of the time, however, he holed up in a grubby little trailer in the woods, drank beer, and held forth endlessly on his connections with mysterious guerilla bands. After some months of this, Pitner found...

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