A Kosher Dating Odyssey.

Author:Daninhirsch, Hilary
Position:Book review

Van Wallach (author); A KOSHER DATING ODYSSEY; CoffeeTown Press (Nonfiction: Autobiography & Memoir) $12.95 ISBN: 9781603811323

Byline: Hilary Daninhirsch

Van Wallach is a Texan-born, Baptist-raised, Jewish man on a quest for love. His slim memoir documents this journey with both humor and insight.

Wallach, now in his fifties, has had a lifelong preoccupation with record-keeping and maintaining years-old correspondence and journals regarding his youthful impressions about love, whether they're scenes in movies or notes received from a school crush. While this may seem obsessive, it provided valuable fodder for this memoir of looking for love in all the wrong -- and right -- places.

Wallach was raised in a small town in Texas. While both of his parents were Jewish, his mother rejected her background and raised both him and his brother to be Baptists. She assimilated into her small-town society and never looked back. When Wallach's parents divorced and his father left for New York, it left the boys without any connection to Judaism.

Eventually, though, while in college at Princeton, the author rediscovered his Jewish roots. In the memoir, he glosses over a marriage and divorce and focuses more on his journey for love, which parallels his journey back to Judaism.

With the perfect mixture of self-deprecating humor and introspection, Wallach describes, both via anecdotes and in a more extended narrative, his experiences in the world of...

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