Kortege, Ron. Boy girl boy.

Author:Winship, Michele
Position::Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

KORTEGE, Ron. Boy girl boy. Harcourt. 176p. c2005. 0-15-205325-5 $16.00. JS

Kortege is back with another multiple-voice novel that focuses on the friendship of high school seniors Larry, Teresa and Eliot. They are at a turning point in their lives, ready to leave childhood behind and move into the adult world. They have decided that immediately following graduation, they are going to ditch their plans for college and move to California together, a decision that becomes more complicated by their changing feelings toward each other. Elliot is a jock who has lived the typical American middle-class life, with a father who is looking forward to his playing college basketball. But Elliot is not the best student and really doesn't want to college. And, he's started a relationship with Mary Ann that he might like to continue. Teresa runs. She runs from her past and her mother who left and her father who stays...

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