Koja, Kathe. Headlong, a novel.

Author:Marler, Myrna
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

KOJA, Kathe. Headlong, a novel. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. 195p. c2008, 978-0-374-32912-9. $16.95. JS*

Deviating from the formula of outsider-girl-trying-to-break-into-popular-circle, Koja comes up with a plot that asks: what if one of the popular girls befriends, even becomes passionately involved with, an outsider girl? Fifteen-year-old Lily Noble comes from a long line of attendees at Vaughn, an exclusive private school, and she's one of the pretty, sporty, known girls around campus, always circulating in a gaggle (giggle) of other girls. Her attention is captured by a scholarship girl, one Hazel Tobias, who attends Vaughn against her will, indeed at the insistence of her gay older brother who has raised her. Lily becomes enraptured by Hazel's exotic world, leaving behind the friends she has known for years, going against the wishes of her white-bread parents, and even thinks about abandoning Vaughn for another school. Much of the suspense comes from whether Hazel...

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