Koertge, Ron. Margaux with an x.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

KOERTGE, Ron. Margaux with an x. Candlewick Press. 176p. c2004. 0-7636-2401-2. $16.99. SA

Koertge, author of Stoner & Spaz (reviewed in KLIATT in May 2002) and other YA novels, presents another unlikely high school pair here: popular, beautiful Margaux, and skinny, idealistic Danny. Margaux, gorgeous and sad, in love with words, reminds me of some of Francesca Lia Block's heroines, and like them Margaux lives in L.A. Egged on by her friend Sara, she teases boys and tries to keep away from her shopaholic mother and gambler father, who don't seem to love her at all. Her father even let someone to whom he owed money take photos of her in her underwear when she was younger, and Margaux hates him for it. Danny, meanwhile, was beaten by his father, and now lives with his wry but loving aunt, who has multiple sclerosis. Margaux first meets Danny when he's on the run: he works for the Humane Society checking up on dog adoptions, and not everyone appreciates his check-ups. Margaux is...

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