Knowledge management and database technologies roundup.

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For CRM and, by extension, every company, information is job one. As the old saw goes, information is power. Yet the power often remains unchanneled due to the proliferation of media channels though which customers can contact a company, often each with its own data silo, none speaking to another, But efforts to implement a planned, concise way of compiling, categorizing and providing access to the vast amounts of data that are the results of thousands of customer interactions, myriad islands of corporate information and the scattered knowledge of how a business actually works (the know-how of frontline personnel, who are charged with actually dealing with and solving the problems of customers versus the often idealized business plans of upper management) have often resulted in a veritable Gordian knot of processes (how many GUIs are opened at one time on your agents' screens) that are dying for an Alexander to cut through. Add to this the increased demand for customer self-service channels, and it's enough to drive the most reasonable IT manager mad.

Thankfully, the idea of standards that began with the data world are migrating to the formerly closed/proprietary voice world and are being used to allow the commingling of the various data sources, Web technologies, XML (and its cousin, vXML), J2EE and others allow companies such as the following to provide knowledge and database management solutions, many of which can compile data from various structured and unstructured sources within an enterprise to provide information to whomsoever needs it, when they need it, no matter where they are in the enterprise (or in the case of customers, where they are in the world), no matter through which channel they request information, so that they can process and act upon the information and transform it into knowledge.

Following are providers of diverse software solutions that will help manage and deploy the knowledge in your organization. Some companies have chosen to provide further information they would like to share with the readers of Customer Inter@ction Solutions[TM]. We invite you to learn more.

Alorica Inc. Systems, Inc.

Stephanie Lummis

604-873-6100, ext. 110

Product: Visual Net 2.0 Where standard database navigation relies on text search, Visual Net provides graphical user interface, placing data on visual maps, allowing users to search and navigate information more easily. Visual Net 2.0 improves search and organization capabilities and provides powerful and flexible database user interface.

Astute, Inc.

Authoria, Inc.

BMC Software

Braxtel Communicatons

Broad Daylight, Inc.



DecisionPoint Applications



Naomi Miller


Product: Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform 4i eBusiness Platform is used for managing, distributing and exchanging large volumes of...

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