Author:Meis, Cecilia

There is enough for everyone. This is the premise of an abundance mindset, and modern entrepreneurship is perhaps the most tangible example. Digital nomads, full-time freelancers and serial contractors have all seized the countless opportunities to develop a side hustle for extra money, professional growth or even just for kicks. No matter the motivation, there is plenty of pie--somewhere in the billions--to go around.

But opportunity doesn't equal ease. Every decision comes with a price extending beyond the financials. Let's say you want to launch a daily travel blog. Your side hustle invoice will include the time and creative energy it takes to write, publish and market the blog. You'll also have some hard costs, such as website hosting, image editing and research. You might take the physical cost into account, such as neck and back pain from extended sedentary time. Don't forget the mental and emotional toll of the inherent risk that side hustles bring. You're willing to pay this invoice and march onward.

Fast-forward six months. Maybe the money isn't flowing like it once was. Maybe the hustle feels stagnant. Maybe you're just not as excited as you were six months ago. That's part of the entrepreneurial grind, right? An obstacle is simply an opportunity to push through, go around or leap over. By definition, those who launch side hustles must, well, hustle. This is what you signed up for, right?

But maybe you have a feeling growing deep inside you. It whispers to you in the middle of a sleepless night about missed birthday parties, date nights and free time. You can't remember the last time you did absolutely nothing at all. The idea of ditching your hustle sounds enticing, and terrifying. You're used to the extra money. What would your family think? How would it affect your reputation? How can you be sure that ending your side hustle is the right move when success could be just around the bend?

The answer of whether to end your side hustle is not an easy or straightforward one. Just as the decision to start your hustle was one born of risk and gut feelings, so also is the decision to end it. There are hundreds of factors at play, but they can ultimately determine one thing: Is your side hustle still worth the mental, emotional, physical, financial and social investment?

To further break down this idea, consider the following questions. Spend time alone with them. Journal about your answers. Talk to trusted friends and family.

* You...

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