Know the Difference: Google Analytics and Facebook Metrics.

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* Are you focused on steady and ongoing improvement through data driven tracking? When it comes to our producers, our staff, and our marketing, all aspects of Paradiso Insurance are tracked so we can always be striving to be better. As we approach 2018, we have been taking a second look at all our metrics. Although, we discovered something very interesting when it came to tracking some of our digital marketing metrics online. We saw a few discrepancies where our data didn't line up within Google Analytics and our Facebook Ads, so we did some research to figure out why the numbers were coming in with different metrics on each platform for the same advertising campaigns. Wed like to take the time to discuss how Facebook Ads track metrics, how Google Analytics tracks metrics, and the differences we've found in reporting between the two.

It's important to note that users in many industries have noticed differences when viewing Facebook and Google ads with the metrics they yield, so today we're going to cover why that can happen.

Google Analytics Tracking

It's important to add campaign parameters to various landing pages that you use in your advertising campaigns. Google Analytics refers to these as UTM tags, which you can designate to individual pages on your website to help with tracking. These tags help with tracking your sources, mediums, and other metrics, so that if you're running one ad campaign on several social media sites or platforms, you'll be able to properly figure out which yielded the most results. In order to learn more about setting up your UTM tags, visit, and keep in mind that your sources and medium tags are critical to properly set up to get the most accurate results in your campaign tracking.

Tracking on Facebook

Now that we got things a little more squared away on Google, let's take a look at how we can tighten up some of our Facebook tracking as well. Even if you have designated goals to individual campaigns on your Google Analytics account, it's still important to set up Facebook conversion tracking for your agency's Facebook ads. This is because these two platforms can report your metrics very differently, so it's important to take a look at both sets of data so you can make a properly informed decision on where to direct your next ad. To learn more about setting up your Facebook conversion tracking, check out to get started.

Tracking Clicks on both Platforms

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