Knight & Hale.

Author:Smith, Roxanne
Position:2011 New Products

Knight & Hale

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Knight & Hale's White Liar call is available in plastic and wooden versions, and features corion material that works wet and dry.

The Call Conditioning Tool contains a buffing pad for wood surfaces, sandpaper for wood and slate, a stone for metal and glass, and chalk for box calls. It also incorporates a slot for scuffing the tip of your striker.


The Sweet Lil' Liar call features one-piece construction, and provides a realistic, smooth, full-sized box sound.

The Youth Starter Kit includes the Basic Double Reed Diaphragm, a clear call with little to no rasp, and the Double V, which creates a more raspy quality. Calls are Basic Performance (01) calls. Kit includes a DVD.

Harold Knight's Triple Crown Series (Diaphragm Set) includes three Standard Performance (02) calls. The 5-P Diaphragm is built with .005 red latex reed over thin .025 prophylactic reed, producing a loud rasp. The 4-P Diaphragm call has the same cut as the 5-P, and produces medium rasp. The 4-M Diaphragm is a triple reed call with a moon cut bottom reed and combo cut top reed...

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