Knight, E.E.: Dragon outcast.

Author:Scanlon, Donna
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

KNIGHT, E.E. Dragon outcast. (The Age of Fire, Book Three.) Penguin, Roc. 354p. map. c2007 978-0-451-46185-8. $14.00. SA

The third book in the Age of Fire cycle concerns Copper, the dragon hatchling maimed and expelled from the nest at the beginning of Dragon Champion. The events from the first part of that book are played out from Copper's point of view, including his betrayal of his family to a dwarf raid. When the dwarves betray him in turn, Copper flees further into the subterranean world. Accompanied by a colony of bats, he makes his way to the Lavadome, where he is welcomed and adopted by the Tyr, the ruling dragon. Given the name of Rugaard, the Copper enters into a whole new life as a resident of the Lavadome and member of the Drakwatch. His new home is a place of political intrigue and power plays, but he does well for himself, gaining rank and respect.

As in his previous books, Knight makes his characters unique and appealing. The reader can't help but admire the feisty Copper as he overcomes each trial. Knight incorporates humor into his story, such as the bats that follow the...

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