Kitchen, Judith, ed. Short Takes: Brief Encounters with Contemporary Nonfiction.

Author:Julian, Janet
Position::Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

KITCHEN, Judith, ed. Short takes; brief encounters with contemporary nonfiction. Norton. 399p. c2005. 0-393-32600-4. $14.95. SA *

Seventy-seven authors contributed short essays (a few paragraphs to 2,000 words) on various subjects: a drowning in Tucson, hitchhiking, sounds, colors abandoned by the Crayola company, Mexican farm workers, small towns such as Murdo, South Dakota, a scarlet fever epidemic in 1944, an Armenian grandmother watching the Yankees, the Taj Mahal, fishing and sleeping in the woods, gay love in Amsterdam, ugly women, winter, trains, French lessons, the semi-colon, gray whales, jet lag, human cruelty, fatherhood, the ghetto girls' guide to dating and romance, and ritual meals. Themes range from...

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