King of the Middle March.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, Kevin. King of Middle March. (ArthurTrilogy, Book 3.) Scholastic. 432p. c2004. 0-439-26600-9. $1795. J*

After two and half years, the final installment of Crossley-Holland's Arthur trilogy is complete. Picking up after Book Two ends, the Fourth Crusade (1202) and the legend of King Arthur are interwoven into the story of now 16-year-old Arthur de Caldecot, who is being called by his real name. Arthur de Gortanore.

Book Three offers little summary of the previous books and instead begins in the middle of Arthur's service to Lord Stephen as the Fourth Crusade musters in Venice, Italy. Arthur becomes a knight and learns what it means to be a part of a large multinational army. But the business of preparing for battle is not as honorable as he thinks it should be; and when his father Sir William de Gortanore arrives, Arthur is further troubled to be related to such a disagreeable man. There is infighting among the troops, including a disturbing scene in which a young boy is trussed and put into a catapult, and personal conflict...

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