Kimmel, Haven. The solace of leaving early, a novel.

AuthorAllison, Susan
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Random House, Anchor. 278p. c2002.1-4000-3334-9. $13.00. SA

In the town of Haddington, Indiana, many folks are living tragic or disappointing lives. A set of horrific murders has left two little girls. Madeleine and Eloise Maloney, orphaned at age eight and six. Reflecting on past and present experiences, Rev. Amos Townsend has begun to doubt his ability to fulfill his calling, to communicate with and minister to his parishioners in terms they can understand. Langston Braverman, who has returned to her parents' house after having walked out on her doctoral oral exams, struggles to regain a sense of purpose in her life, Hidden inside an almost impenetrable shell of bitterness and superciliousness, Langston alienates those she meets, because she no longer knows who she is. Her dysfunctional...

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