Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody. Lily B. on the brink of cool.

Author:Green, Heidi Hauser
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

KIMMEL, Elizabeth Cody. Lily B. on the brink of cool. HarperCollins. 272p. c2005. 006-000588-2. $5.99. J

Lily is convinced that summer is going to be a real drag. The camp she has gone to every summer has closed, and her best friend has decided to go to a Young Executives' Camp instead. Since Lily was unable to muster up any enthusiasm for such an undertaking, she is resigned to staying at home. Her only joy is gained from writing in her notebook, a voluntary assignment for Honors English. Then, everything changes. While attending a family wedding, Lily meets her distant relatives, the LeBlancs. Charles and Veronique exude an aura of sophistication, as does their daughter, Karma. Lily wants nothing more than to gain Karma's friendship. She...

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