Killer Instinct.

Position:Book review

***1/2 Killer Instinct By Joseph Finder A corporate thriller. To the chagrin of his materialistic wife, Jason Steadman, a 30-something successful businessman at Boston's Entronics, lacks the killer instinct. He's a nice guy who listens to motivational tapes in his car every day but not nearly ambitious enough to rise to the top of the company. A minor car accident changes his life. Kurt Semco, a dishonorably discharged Special Forces vet, tows his car out of a ditch, and the two become fast friends. When Steadman recommends Semco for a job at Entronics, Steadman's career takes off. But as Steadman's rivals begin to die, he starts to understand the true meaning of "killer instinct."

St. Martin's Press. 416 pages. $24.95. ISBN: 0312347472

Boston Globe ****

"Killer Instinct is a superb story that dazzles with its heart-pounding suspense, even while posing deeper questions about the ethics of business and what we're willing to do to get ahead." DAVID J. MONTGOMERY

South FL Sun-Sentinel ****

"Killer Instinct moves at such a brisk pace that the more than 400 pages zoom by.... With an economy of scenes and realistic dialogue, Finder sculpts believable characters and avoids stereotypes." OLINE H. COGDILL

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ***1/2

"I can't say this is my favorite of Finder's fine novels because, despite some interesting twists, it's perhaps the most predictable. That said, it remains a first-rate thrill ride, punctuated with the kind of character development most authors shun." ALLAN WALTON Wall Street Journal ***1/2

"So a climb up the corporate ladder inadvertently takes a little too much inspiration from Old Blood and Guts, making suspenseful fun of the absurd but commonly held...

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