Kids respond to oral medication.

Position::Type II Diabetes - Brief article

Oral medications may control symptoms of Type II diabetes in children just as well as insulin injections, reports a study from Ohio State University, Columbus. According to the medical records of numerous children diagnosed with the disease, oral medications reduced levels of a compound in the blood called hemoglobin A1C by an average of two percentage points. That is enough to decrease serious health risks and symptoms associated with Type II diabetes, suggests Milap Nahata, the study's principal investigator and professor of pharmacy and pediatrics.

High blood sugar levels leave a diabetic vulnerable to developing heart and kidney disease and vision difficulties; symptoms include frequent urination and excessive thirst. Diabetics normally show high levels of hemoglobin A1C, which is a marker for blood sugar levels. "This is the first study to show that oral medications may decrease these levels in children," Nahata notes.

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