Kicking off a year of AI in legal marketing.

Author:Knapp, Amy
Position:EDITOR'S NOTE - Editorial

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is exciting and fast-paced. And, as opportunities continue to emerge all around us, what is most exciting is to see the growing impact that it is having on the legal industry.

In this issue of Strategies, we dig deep into this topic to help legal marketers better understand AI and how it will impact their roles. In fact, LMA has tabbed AI to be 'the next big thing' and has committed to creating a broad range of programming on the subject throughout 2017.

Through the process of putting this issue together, we learned that the topic of AI is so large and the field of expertise so wide that we could not fit it all into one issue. We also realized that it's not an easy topic to write about, and that the experts come from many different types of companies, both inside and outside of the legal profession.

However, we believe that the content that we were able to capture for this issue will make for a compelling read for the legal marketing industry. For instance, our cover story is a Q&A with Mark Greene, Ph.D. and Right Hat's Elonide Semmes, who provide a broad brush of the AI world. We glean from their insights and interviews specifically how firms are adapting AI into their worlds and the practical side of those applications.

We also have an exclusive article from Brian Kuhn, IBM Watson...

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