Keys to Success.


American Booksellers Association's Keva Mosher said that memberships dropped from 5,200 independent bookstores in 1992 to 3,400 today. Hearthside Books is one of those that remain. Some strategies for their small business success include:

Listening. At one time, Hearthside opened a separate store in the Nugget Mall for toys. Although this allowed them to present a larger selection of popular playthings, many shoppers didn't like the division. Therefore, Hearthside recently consolidated the mall stores into one space.

Research. Hickey recommends speaking with people already in the industry. "There's a camaraderie between people who own their own business," she said.

Convenience. Hearthside's Nugget Mall site is advantageous for the core of Juneau's residential population. And just minutes away from the airport, it is also a handy spot for out-of-town shoppers. Their downtown location is on a corner convenient for inner city residents, workers and cruise ship tourists. Additionally, customers can order...

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