Kent-Drury, Roxanne M. Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in World Literature.

Author:Pucci, Anthony
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review

KENT-DRURY, Roxanne M. Using Internet primary sources to teach critical thinking skills in world literature. Libraries Unlimited. 194p. index. c2005. 0-313-32009-8. $48.95. SA

The Internet contains a bewildering number of sources on every imaginable topic. Many students write papers that are based on misinformation. Others write papers that are nothing more than "cut and paste." Kent-Drury acknowledges that to some educators, "the term Internet research is an oxymoron," then proceeds to identify Internet sources on the topic of World Literature that may be used to teach essential critical thinking skills.

One might be tempted to dismiss this book as one that will be rapidly outdated. However, the sites included have been carefully vetted. Stable educational sites are given preference, and the credentials of sites maintained by individuals have been examined. The result is a book of sources that are appropriate and accessible. The early chapters are devoted to sites that develop skills in locating and evaluating Internet resources and in understanding the tools used in literary analysis. Succeeding chapters cover resources of general...

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