Kenneth Chih-Sung Kan 1952-2017.

Position:In Memoriam - In memoriam

Ken obtained a B.A. in History at the University of Michigan in 1974, an M.A. in History at Western Michigan University in 1976, and a Ph.D. in American History at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1983. While he was still a doctoral candidate, he was invited as a guest at a meeting with the history faculty of the Sichuan University when his family visited his parents' native country, China, in 1981--a rare honor given to a U.S. citizen at that time.

Upon his graduation, he joined the history program of the Air Force Eeserve Command at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, as Staff Historian. Subsequently, his assignments took him to Ramstein Air Base, Germany, and later to the Air Force Historical Studies Office in Washington, D.C. His assignments concerned research involving significant events and activities of the U. S. Air Force. His book, "The Air Force...

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