Ken Drossman.

Author:Raab, Marian
Position::Balance sheet - Lakeview Business Consulting LLC - Editorial

Ken Drossman's worst job experience occurred when he was a college student employed as an accountant for a CPA firm that specialized in write-up work for funeral homes. He often found himself sitting--literally--next to a recently deceased "customer" of his latest client.

But that pales in contrast to what happened to a co-worker during an especially busy month. When one funeral home ran out of storage space, he stepped into an unlit supply closet, tripped over a corpse on the floor and then fell onto another one. The co-worker resigned a few days later.


Title: President and Managing Member

Company: Lakeview Business Consulting LLC, a North Caldwell, N.J., firm that provides advisory services to entrepreneurial business owners on how to improve financial and operating performance.

Born: Irvington, N.J., October 1949.

Spouse: Marilyn, married for 28 years.

Children: Zachary, 25; Rachel, 24; and Tracy, 23.

Education Summary: B.S., Economics (1971) and M.S., Accounting (1972), The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Career Summary: Coopers & Lybrand, New York, Senior Auditor (1972-74); Grant Thornton, New York, Chicago and Parsippany, N.J., Partner (1974-88); HHL Financial Services Inc., Woodbury, N.Y, Senior Vice President/CFO (1988-97); Uniscribe Professional Services Inc., Nor-walk, Conn., Executive Vice President/ CFO (1998-99); Avenues in Leather Inc., Tinton Falls, N.J., Chief Operating & Financial Officer (2000-01); VIRA Manufacturing Inc., Perth Amboy, N.J., Senior Vice President/CFO (2001-04); The BDN Co. LLC, Fairfield, N.J., Chief Operating Officer/CFO (2005-06); Lakeview Business Consulting LLC (2006-present).

FEI Chapter: President of the New Jersey Chapter. FEI member since 2004.

Leisure Pursuits: Reading, biking, movies, golf and puzzles--especially crosswords and sudoku.

Time Management: I make it a point to read my email only at specified times (early morning, lunch hour, end of day/evening) so that I can focus on my clients and the task at hand without the constant disruption.

Stress Management: When time to complete a project is short, I'll...

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