Kemp, Kristen. The dating diaries.

AuthorMacGregor, Amanda
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

KEMP, Kristen. The dating diaries. Scholastic, Push. 265p. c2004. 0-439-62298-0. $6.99. JS

What's a girl to do when her boyfriend of nearly five years breaks up with her? High school senior Katie James decides the only way to get over Paul is to go on 12 dates in six weeks, with the intention of finding a new boyfriend in time for the prom. The plot is fairly predictable, starting with Katie's makeover that reveals her to be (gasp!) a diamond in the rough. Gone are her days of overalls and no make-up; thanks to her mother, a beautician, Katie is a real knockout. Throughout the story she struggles with romantic feelings for her best friend, Matt, a one-dimensional, "aw, shucks" Rind of guy with thick glasses and a limp who, despite five years of being second best to Paul, remains devoted to Katie.

Katie's makeover and quest to find a new boyfriend lead her to discover many new things about herself. She goes from being quiet and friendless to gaining new confidence and a motley crew of friends (with a small phase in...

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