A year in review: keeping members posted on our progress.

Author:Blouse, Dick
Position:YEAR IN REVIEW - Detroit Regional Chamber

As you read this Year in Review edition of the Detroiter, you will learn about all of the successes we had during the last program year. As a new program year gets under way at the Detroit Regional Chamber, I am proud to report the state of our organization is strong. I base this assessment on several factors:

* We are on a solid financial foundation going into the 2008-2009 Program Year.

* We are finalizing a strategic plan that aligns the Chamber's resources around our core competencies.

* Our products and services continue to meet the needs of the region's business community.

The Chamber has made tremendous progress diversifying and expanding the budget. Our operating funds now exceed $20 million annually. A healthy mix of revenue from membership investments, products and programs keeps our budget balanced and growing. Being on a secure financial footing will ensure the organization remains effective and dynamic well into the Future.

This year, the Chamber will put the final touches on a new, three-year strategic plan. We are finalizing an extensive review process that is aligning the organization's resources, both dollars and staff, around our core competencies of business growth, talent development and political advocacy. These are the areas the...

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