Keeping Fido and Family Safe.


The Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group (VERG), Brooklyn, N.Y., is warning pet owners about the potential dangers looming during Halloween season. The most-common health hazard is the ingestion of candy. Candy containing the artificial sweetener xylitol, discarded wrappers, and all forms of chocolate pose significant risks if consumed. Keep any candy in a confined, elevated location like a pantry.

Symptoms of ingesting harmful toxins include vomiting, diarrhea, accelerated breathing or heart rate, loss of coordination, and seizures.

Constant foot traffic of strangers in costumes can be stressful for certain animals. Moreover, if a pet is prone to running away, the continuous opening and closing of a door for costumed trick-or-treaters significantly could increase the risk of the animal getting outside. Pets should be confined to a safe, secure area during trick-or-treat hours, and always should wear identification tags and be properly...

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