Author:Griffin, Elle

I've been noticing a thread in my interviews recently. When I ask why certain career moves are made, most often, the responses are personal. It's not because of the pay or the vacation time, it's because they want to have a job that's more supportive of the life they want to live. One that allows them to do the things they want to do.

It makes sense, we're not robots who put in input. We're people who are trying to navigate life. And we know that life is short.

We don't want to hang out on a beanbag chair at work or try to write an email while someone's shredding on a half pipe in the lobby. We want more time. We want to spend time with friends and family. We want to travel and explore. We want the freedom to do all of those things, and companies are starting to hear that.

Each December, Utah Business puts together our "Best Companies To Work For" list, and deciding on those companies is a very intensive process. Each company that participates (and we get hundreds of applicants each year) has to have 80 percent of its employees fill out an anonymous survey ranking their company on a number of factors.

Reading through those surveys after the fact can be a rather hilarious process, but it's also very telling. Especially as, year after year, the perk those employees love most comes down to one thing: flexibility. The flexibility to work from home, to work from vacation, and to work from the far reaches of the world.

Simplus' employees, in...

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