Keep Moving Forward.

Author:Brown, Vadm William A.

Wow, if we all thought this would be a peaceful and prosperous spring--we were wrong. Greetings and I hope all are staying safe. Much has changed due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Most agree that things have probably changed forever in many ways. I hope we are not inundating you too much with information, but communications are important these days. Many thanks to the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO), and industry for leading the Defense Industrial Base to a new realization of a future we are going to need to redesign in many ways. While I have had reservations that DOD should have played an even more prominent role in the supply chain side of the crisis recovery, I am grateful that much of the military's readiness could be preserved should our adversaries test our will. Those clouds don't go away.

Given our 2020 crisis, I am pleasantly amazed NDTA and DTMO were able to host the GovTravels conference here in Alexandria in February. The event has grown over the past few years from 400 attendees in 2017 to 800 attendees this year. It was an privilege to have The Honorable Lisa Hershman, the DOD Chief Management Officer and #3 ranking official in the department as a keynote speaker. She spoke about how DTMO is leading the way in DOD to adopt off the shelf technology for adaptation to reimagine the current defense department travel system. Subsequently one of DTMO's millennial tech gurus walked the entire audience through the handheld application. The value of face-to-face interaction was evident. Can we get back to it?

Other GovTravels highlights included the awards ceremonies, Travel Academy sessions, the exciting exhibit hall, and the always electrifying panel on the future of travel, led by Mr. Tony D'Astolfo. Dr. Chelsea Bright, data science expert, of Qualtrics portended that we are on the front edge...

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