Kao Collins Inc. Where Impossible Isn't.

1201 Edison Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45216

Call us: +1 513 948 9000 | www.kaocollins.com

Kao Collins is a leading provider of innovative inkjet solutions. Our focus leads to many eco-friendly solutions that drive bottom-line results for our customers.

Since 1990, Kao Collins has introduced innovative products that enable customers and OEMs to reduce costs, increase productivity, and accelerate sustainable production for eCommerce, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, graphics, transactional, labeling, and consumer products.

We formulate and manufacture inkjet inks for highspeed, single-pass printing, including water-based, oil-based, UV-, LED-, and EB-curable technologies.

Our latest breakthrough is the SIGMA solvent ink for HP technology that delivers an unprecedented shelf life of 24 months and a decap up to 12 hours.

Beyond inkjet ink, we...

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