Kalstein, Dave. Prodigy.

Author:Farmer, Lesley
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

KALSTEIN, Dave. Prodigy. St. Martin's Press, Holtzbrinck. 322p. c2006. 0-312-34096-6. $23.95. SA

The year is 2036, and graduates of the elite prep school Stansbury are dying at an alarming rate. Who is next to go--and why? One of the few independent-minded seniors of Stansbury finds the body of a 2033 grad, and is framed for his murder. The valedictorian is supposed to discipline the senior, but discovers that he has more in common with this renegade than expected. All the rules and expectations of having perfect students seem to be covering up grave injustices perpetrated by the administration. The fact that one of Stansbury's teachers has discovered a cure for cancer, and that the institution is slated to be awarded millions of federal research dollars, antes up the stakes.

Those who favor vouchers and...

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