A Kaleidoscope for June.

Position:Book review

Antoinette Tryssenaar Villa; A KALEIDOSCOPE FOR JUNE; AuthorHouse (Fiction) $12.99 ISBN: 9781434335593

"I got this diary for my birthday today and I'm so happy because now I can write and tell you things I can't tell anyone else." Wilhelmina (so named in honor of the Dutch Queen) Velthuizen is a young girl who while still a baby moved with her family from the Netherlands to a farm in rural Ontario Canada. She hates her name her white-blond hair (including her eyebrows and eyelashes) and the fact that she's called "Willy" a boy's name in Canada. Her diary paints a vivid and engaging picture of rural life in the 1950s for readers who remember those days while illuminating the era for those who seek deeper understanding of life in that time.

Willy's father was a baker in the Netherlands and in Canada he farms and supplements his income with factory work as do most of his neighbors. The Velthuizen children and their friends attend a one-room schoolhouse and their days are filled with school farm and household chores community activities and church. Although Willy's life might appear idyllic by modern standards the incipient seeds of rebellion against her authoritarian parents can be felt as Willy approaches her teen years. Her father's all-too-frequent "No and that's that!" fuels her inquiring mind to seek ways to take a stand for her own growing individual spirit. Never really feeling loved by her parents Willy finds it easier to confide her coming-of-age experiences to the bride doll she was given at a factory Christmas party. Naming the doll "June" Willy shares everything with her secretly writing in her diary in one of her "aloneness...

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