Kaiser, Scott. Shakespeare's wordcraft.

Author:Julian, Janet
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

KAISER, Scott. Shakespeare's wordcraft. Limelight Editions. 310p. bibliog, index, c2007. 978-0-87910-345-3. $18.95. SA

Scott Kaiser, head of voice and text at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, offers an exhaustive study of the Bard's use of literary devices. Nine chapters cover such things as omissions (unfinished thoughts, omitted nouns and verbs, swearing), substitutions (malapropism, nicknames, exaggerations, euphemism), transformations (reverse order, repeated structures), reverberations (divided couplets, repetitions), order (similes, metaphor, personification), words (prefixes, suffixes, compound words), additions (abuse, curses, superfluous words), repetitions (repeated consonants, vowels, syllables), and disorder (paradox, puns, oxymoron). Each language device...

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