Kaidara announces enhanced tool, accelerates knowledge base creation.

Position:Customer relationship management software - Brief Article

Kaidara Software, Inc., a provider of software for building, managing and maintaining knowledge bases with problem-solving data, has announced the release of its Text2Data v3. The enhancements to the Text2Data tool, which is used in conjunction with Kaidara Advisor, assist customers in transforming unstructured (or semi-structured) data sources for inclusion in a knowledge base. The enhanced features in Text2Data provide advanced text mining and data modeling capabilities for accurate retrieval and rapid re-use of unstructured information in order to expand knowledge bases used to diagnose and solve complex customer support problems.


Text2Data is designed to add structure and meaning to textual information by extracting values and indexing the text with well-defined domain concepts. Text2Data mines text directly to find concepts and to help uncover syntactic variations and synonyms that can be included in a...

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