Kadohata, Cynthia. Outside beauty.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

KADOHATA, Cynthia. Outside beauty. Simon & Schuster. 272p. c2008. 978-0-689-86575-6. $16.99. JS

Shelby is almost 13 years old. She is the third of the four daughters of a beautiful Japanese woman, each by a different husband. They live with none of their fathers and their mother teaches them about beauty and how it has given them all that they need to get by. However, in a cruel instant, their mother is involved in a horrific car crash that destroys her outside beauty and threatens to tear the girls apart. Marilyn, Lakey, Shelby and Maddie are each sent to live with their fathers while their mother recuperates in a Chicago hospital. Shelby is sent to live with a Japanese man in Arkansas who runs a gum company, but young Maddie is sent to live with Mr. Bronson, a rigid man who demands routine and manners. When their mother takes a turn for the...

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