Just Joined, 0521 COBJ, Vol. 50, No. 5 Pg. 9

PositionVol. 50, 5 [Page 9]

50 Colo.Law. 9


No. Vol. 50, No. 5 [Page 9]

Colorado Lawyer

May, 2021

Welcome New Members

Since its founding in 1897, the CBA has worked to improve the practice of law in Colorado. Thank you for helping us continue to meet the demands of our diverse and ever-changing legal profession, support the courts and the rule of law, and enrich our community. We look forward to being your partner in law in 2021—and for many years to come!

Jessica Akers

Dannon G. Allbee

Christopher J. Archibald

Margaret Armstrong

Hugh Boles

Steven J. Brown

Nicholas Buda

Kristina Bush

Timothy R. Castillo

Henry Cooper

Brandon Curtis

Fred N. David

Lauren Davis

Brian DeMocker

Eve Deveau

Katie Dittelberger

Kory Edmark

Barbara B. Evans

Benjamin Fee

Sara Flint

Erika Friedlander

Danita J. Glenn

Emily R. Griffin

Dana Hall

John E. Hall

Robert S. Harris

William C. Harris

Michael P. Healy

Martha Hertzberg

Saxton S. Hudson

Tiffany Hutchings

Rob Isham

Graham Jackson

Susanne Jennings Blackwell

Timothy L. Johnson

Katelynn Kalmbach

Michael Y. Kim

Andrew J. Kline

Chelsea E. Krafve

Jessica M. Laughlin

Erin Leach

Aurora B. Lee

Michelle LeFlore

Jesse Lucido

Leslie Mader

Alice Major

John Trent Mannina

Trista McElhaney

Caryn McGraw

Peter N. Milligan

Louis Milone

April Murtha

Miya Nazzaro-Grampp

Brent W. Nelson

Molly B. Neuman

Sarah T. Nordgaard

Braden O’Brien

Helen S. Oh

Nicholas A. Ohmann

Merissa Osswald

Elizabeth B. Pagliuca

Juan M. Parras

Andrew Price

Lauren Pruitt

George E. Ramsey

Eve-Lynn J. Rapp

James V. Roberts

Sidney A. Roman

Jessie Salas

Amanda L. Schor

Debra Schuster

Lauren Schusterman

Kelsey K. Stone

Nikolas M. Sulley

Traci Takaki

Rob Thompson

Nathan B. Thoreson

Christopher R. Tillotson

Whitney E. Tipton

Antoine J. Tissot

Kenneth C. Tseng

Gregory M. Tucker

Nicholas Turiciano

Leah D. Turlington

Piper W. Turner

Margaret A. Unger

Brittany A. Uthoff

Amber Valdez

Andrew P. Valencia

Alexandra J. Vargo

Alexander B. Victor

Lisa Vigil

Nellie L. Viner

Alexa A. Visscher

Heidi Wagner Morgan

Stuart Wallace

Matthew G. Watson

Brandon L. Weatherly

Katie R. Webb

Rebecca S. Weber

Michael J. Weicher

Christopher J. Welch

Jason E. Wells

Meijken Westenskow

Joshua K. Westmoreland

Blake A. Whitcomb

Sandra J. Whitcomb

Victoria A. Whitelaw

Benjamin L...

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