Just in Time From NEHA Video Series.

Author:Koenig, Kim

NEHA has introduced a new training tool for environmental health professionals. The Just in Time From NEHA Video Series serves up timely environmental health insight in digestible bites. NEHA is partnering with agencies and experts to develop informational videos that break down important topics, provide best practice tips, and even offer some perspective. With an eye towards educating and supporting environmental health professionals, each video comes with helpful links for deeper dives and printable resources to use and share.

Michele DiMaggio, NEHA Region 2 vice-president and retail health supervisor in Contra Costa County, California, brought her experience to the COVID-19: Farmers Market Safe Operations video. This Just in Time From NEHA video addresses issues and practical solutions for farmers markets, swap meets, and produce vehicle operations during the pandemic. DiMaggio clarified that farmers markets are considered essential businesses and offered a wealth of practical advice and reusable tools to help markets adjust their operations.

"Many environmental health professionals have the same questions and concerns. Hearing about our experiences and work might help other environmental health professionals in their daily decision making," stated DiMaggio...

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