Jumping the Corporate Divide: Board Member and Visionary Arcilia Acosta.

Author:Jaime, Kristian

Buzz words like "inclusion" and "diversity" have become en vogue across market sectors, yet women continue to be distinct minorities when serving as CEOs or prominent board members.

Data from a 2017 study sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Strategy Group corroborates that only six percent of CEOs in Fortune 500 Companies are women. While the study takes into account numerous factors as to why, the bottom line centers on a disparity in leadership roles.

For Arcilia Acosta, CEO of CARCON Industries & Construction, and STL Engineers, the road to serving on numerous Fortune 500 corporate boards started when preparedness and opportunity converged.

"It's humbling to know that I am a part of decisions that affect thousands and even millions of people," explained Acosta. "Because these decisions are so important, I am constantly expanding my knowledge base about the latest issues facing corporate America today such as cyber security trends, SEC rules, the EPA, corporate compensation, governance, and overall economic trends."

Achieving the greatest good for the greatest amount of people is not always a clear path. With so many competing interests, corporate utilitarianism is nothing short of seeing a complete picture.

For business magnates like Acosta, successfully leading companies as CEO or as a board member involves finding a balance in oneself as it does staying ahead of the curve. The breakneck speed of modern business, especially the lucrative oil and energy sectors, demands asking the best minds for the best determinations.

Then, it requires reflection.

"When I recognize the complexities of an issue, I look to our experts and consultants and welcome further one-on-one discussion of the pros and cons," continued Acosta. "Although it takes more effort, I take the time for quiet reflection while weighing through a 480 page deck of pertinent information! Collectively, I make decisions based on these and other important factors. All the while balancing the other aspects of my day including meeting with our companies' leadership teams and sending my boys in college a daily hello."

With the growing demand for both equitable and profitable energy solutions, the stakes for corporate boards are even higher. For that reason, decisions...

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