July 2011 #6. Nominations for Liberty Bell and Justice Awards.


Hawaii Bar Journal


July 2011 #6.

Nominations for Liberty Bell and Justice Awards

Hawaii State Bar JournalJuly 2011Nominations for Liberty Bell and Justice AwardsThe YLD Board is seeking nominations for the 2011 Liberty Bell and Justice Awards which will be presented at the YLD Division Annual Meeting later this year.

The Liberty Bell Award honors non-lawyers or organizations who have helped to promote a better understanding and respect of government, for the legal system, and an appreciation of the role of law in our society. Past recipients include Helen Kobayashi , Cathy Izumi, The Kona Hawaiian Civic Club, Jane Kinoshita, Lurline Choy, Lyla B. Berg, Ph.D., Robert Masuda, The Elder Law Program, Michael Anderson, and Clara Javier.

The Justice Award honors an attorney who has made an outstanding contribution to the ideals of justice. Considered factors include the extent of pro bono legal services, efforts to actively support legal activities beneficial to society as a whole and work that encourages the education...

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