Jubert, Herve. Dance of the assassins.

Author:Farmer, Lesley
Position::Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

JUBERT, Herve. Dance of the assassins. (The Devil's Dances Trilogy, Vol. One.) HarperCollins. 400p. c2005. 0-06-077717-6. $16.99. S

The time is the near future; crime has dramatically decreased with the advent of nanotechnology tracers. But in the tourist spot of reconstructed 19th-century London, tracers are not allowed, and murder continues. Low-key witch Roberta Morgenstern is called by the international crime and investigation division, CID, to sense the killer. She is paired with an eager young investigator named Clement Martineau who has his own instincts (and hidden tracers). Finding the modern-day Jack (actually a generated astral twin of the original Ripper) is hard enough, but the two realize that a larger agenda is being played out. Impresario Antonio Palladio has developed three other reconstructed centers: 17th-century Paris...

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