JT Prepress Express invests in digital platemaking.

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JT Prepress Express, located in Costa Mesa, CA, USA, has invested in digital technology to supplement its platemaking efforts. It has made the transition with the help of CT Graphics Arts.

Owner Joe Cantarella opened the company 15 years ago, and he specialized in platemaking technologies for the flexo industry. In an attempt to increase efficiency and improve turnaround time for customers, JT Prepress Express has purchased a new Esko CDI with HD flexo Glunz & Jensen 205C all-in-one platemaker.

"The relationship we have with CT Graphic Arts is one of trust, loyalty and deep knowledge of the flexo industry in general," says Cantarella. "We look forward to a continued relationship with CTGA, and the future of flexo products to come."

JT Prepress will utilize Asahi flexo digital plates, supplied by CT...

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