JSF will be expeditionary, says aviation chief.

Author:Book, Elizabeth G.
Position:Washington Pulse

At a recent industry meeting held by the Navy's International Programs Office, Lt. Gen. Mike Hough, deputy commandant for Marine Corps aviation, explained some of his goals for the Joint Strike Fighter program, including his hope that it will enhance expeditionary maneuver warfare. But he also espoused the idea that the Joint Strike Fighter should be a high-performance, low-maintenance vehicle.

"What we're trying to do with this airplane is make it like your car," he explained. "When you turn the key it will work, at least 98.8 percent of the time."

Hough relayed a recent conversation he had with then-commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James Jones, who just became the U.S. supreme allied commander Europe. The two discussed the fact that new Jaguar sports cars coming off the assembly lines today don't need oil changes for at least a calendar year. The goal with the Joint Strike Fighter, he said, is to develop an aircraft that has similar characteristics. "We want it to go on and stay on, with very...

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