Jordi Botifoll: transforming telecommunication.

Author:Cuevas, Carlos
Position:LATINO LEADERS: in High Tech - Interview

How did you come to work for Cisco?

I joined the company in 1999 having been a former customer. As an electrical engineer, I have always been passionate about technology and its ability to transform people's lives as well as the communities and countries in which they live and work. At Cisco, I have found fertile ground to promote the use of technology for this higher purpose.

You now lead Cisco's efforts in 45 countries and territories; what has been the key for Cisco's performance in LatAm?

One thing that sets us apart is our focus on digital technologies. They are the key to how countries can increase global competitiveness, contribute to GDP growth, foster innovation and create more jobs.

Our Digitization Framework allows for countries, cities and businesses to see how they can transform everyday operations. We are also making Latin American cities more livable, working with local governments to gain efficiencies, increase competitiveness and social inclusion. Urban digitization brings increased connectivity and smarter services through better transportation, public safety, citizen mobility, education and more. Our work in Uruguay with Plan Ceibal and in Colombia with SENA are both examples of how digitization is improving access to education. In Mexico, Conectado connects the unconnected and enables country mobility.

What are the key elements to lead transformation in these markets and the Tech industry as a whole?

We are living in an era where technology connects everything. As leaders, we need to be fully aware of this complex, ever-changing landscape.

We must help our customers and partners adapt to market transitions and realize growth opportunities.

How has digitization impacted leadership and the way organizations/teams work?

Resources like video and Telepresence bring leaders to the desk of every employee. The process of sharing ideas and making decisions has become faster and more meaningful.

A leader needs to empower people with the right digital skills, updated processes, and an adaptive culture that will position their business for success.

What was given to you in terms of advice or mentorship that pushed you to where you are today?

I have always put great effort into, not only what I do, but also in making sure that the people I work with are performing at their best--delivering results and feeling proud about the contributions they are making.

Now that you have made it, what advice can you give to the upcoming generation?


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