Jonathan turner--information technology specialist.

Position:NEHA News

Editor's note: Over the years, we have been featuring individual NEHA staff members in NEHA News so that you can get to know us a little better. This month, we highlight the staff member behind extension 338.


In April of 2007 I was interviewed for a position at NEHA that I thought would pose a challenge for me, offer a chance to spread my wings a little, and allow me to learn some new things. In the interview we talked about all the different kinds of things that I had done and the various tasks that my predecessor was involved with and the general tasks that the office staff would ask for help with, but I really had no idea what I was in for when I received the invitation to start the following Monday.

The bulk of my IT education and training took place in the little oil town of Houston, Texas. I had always been fascinated by computers and the magic that seemed to go on inside the computer shells, but I felt apprehensive about the mystery of how it worked. My first real hands-on experience came when I was volunteering with the Desktop Support Group while working in the Information Services Purchasing Department at Baker Hughes INTEQ. The Desktop Support people were willing to show me some things and taught me enough to feel comfortable with potentially making a career out of working with computers. I later moved on to a small education and support company that had contracts with various clients ranging from private residences to media conglomerates like Time Warner. With each successive assignment ranging from a simple software install to the more complex network connectivity issues, I experienced more and progressively learned more, gaining the confidence of my employers and the respect of my colleagues.

The first company where I really felt that I had found my niche was also the place where I gained the most knowledge about how desktops, networks, and servers worked together to serve the purposes of the people...

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