Author:Vaca, Nina

Global Leaders Organization Launches Innovative New Community to Support Latino Owned Businesses. Nina Vaca--Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group to join Global Leaders Organization to create a community "to grow" Latino businesses.

Latino entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges when attempting to grow their businesses--they can suffer from a lack of community support or struggle accessing the right kind of capital. As a way to address these problems, Global Leaders Organization (GLO) joined forces in March in New York City with Microsoft and Pinacde Group's Nina Vaca--to create a new type community for Latino owned businesses. GLO is both a dynamic digital platform for business leaders, as well as, a network of local chapters with face-to-face meetings and events. Qualified entrepreneurs can build business networks, receive support and resources, expand markets and raise capital through a number of GLO communities. Ms. Vaca will be working closely with GLO and other key stakeholders to ensure the effort provides the needed resources, market opportunities and capital needs of Latino entrepreneurs.

The GLO Latino business community will be a major part of the new digital platform, and will include a number of local chapters around the United States. Each community has education, training and peer networking resources available, as well as, a Marketplace, Deal Network and Investment Portals for members. "By becoming a business owner, the average family income of a Latino family goes up nearly 600%." said Michelle Lemmon's-Poscente, Founder and CEO. "With GLO, our entrepreneurs will receive the resources they need to be leaders of our communities."

GLO is also unique in that it brings a number of well-known entrepreneurs and business celebrities to the table to help support and grow Latino businesses. Investor and entrepreneur--Kevin Harrington, best known for his role as the original shark on the TV series Shark Tank and the founder of the infomercial, is joining Ms. Vaca in this overall effort to help scale Latino businesses. He stated in New York, "Access to capital is a critical challenge for all entrepreneurs. GLO's deal network and investment portals will address this critical need in an exciting new way"

In her dosing remarks at the New York launch, Nina Vaca stated, "My best advice to any up-and-coming entrepreneur is to surround yourself with people who truly...

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