Johnny the Bagger.

Author:Medved, Michele B.

Johnny the Bagger, Video, 2007, VisionPoint Productions, $995.

Support: facilitator guide and resources, applied learning workbooks (10), Signature Pack (10).

There is certainly no shortage of customer service training materials available on the market. Ranging from DVDs to books and even stand-up comics, the challenge for training departments isn't finding materials but sorting out the average from the excellent.

Businesses need to distinguish themselves from their competitors to be successful, and so do training and support materials for the customer service industry. Johnny the Bagger achieves this goal with a professional, heartfelt, and well directed and acted DVD about making a difference in the workplace.

This program was inspired by a true story about Johnny, an individual with Down syndrome who worked as a bagger at a grocery store. He changed the culture of the workplace by adding his personal signature and exceeding customer expectations. His disability makes the viewing compelling and his choices interesting rather than a cliche.

The message of the DVD--making a personal connection with customers--is a critical component of excellent customer service in any industry. I would, however, include a caution that employees discuss their innovative ideas for adding their personal signature with their supervisor. That will avoid any sensitive or legal workplace issues.

The brevity of the DVD (17 minutes) makes it convenient to...

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