John McCain and the fall campaign.

Author:Bishop, Michael D.

As of press time, Senator McCain has effectively clinched the Republican nomination for president, while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to vie for the Democratic nod. That's good news for Republicans!


Now that the nomination process has concluded, I am happy to announce my full support of Senator McCain for the presidency. His views on economic policy, health care, education, national security and the environment mesh with the needs of our country, and I believe his election would have a restorative effect on the national Republican Party. As for Michigan, his pro-growth, low-tax stance, combined with a pledge of federal resources to retrain displaced workers, will be of great benefit to our state's stagnant economy.


However, it is his experience that attracts me most to his candidacy. In the Senate he has served as the top Republican on three critical committees - Commerce, Armed Services and Indian Affairs. He is an individual who has a big-picture view of our leadership role in the world, including our economic role, and he is someone who understands the major threats to our nation. This all derives from almost 50 years of experience in public service.

It's also important to note that Senator McCain is a leader of unquestioned integrity. Rarely do we see someone who builds legitimacy and support for his actions the old-fashioned way: by being up front and honest with the American people. Were he to be elected president, that legitimacy and public support would bestow upon him the amount of political capital one would need to be an effective leader of our nation.

With a look to the fall, Michigan, with its 17 electoral votes, will no doubt be a battleground between the two major-party candidates. I want to share with you some interesting demographic statistics about Michigan's electorate:

* The Lansing area constitutes about 5 percent.

* The Flint-Midland-Saginaw region constitutes about 9 percent.

* West Michigan constitutes about 19 percent of the statewide electorate.

* Metropolitan Detroit constitutes about 49 percent.

That said, here is how I see the race shaping up ...

For John McCain to win, he will need to rack up large margins in traditionally Republican West Michigan, as has been...

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