Johansen, K.V. Treason in Eswy.

Author:Hoy, Sherry
Position:Brief article - Book review

JOHANSEN, K.V. Treason in Eswy. (The Warlocks of Talverdin, Book Two.) Orca. 176p. maps. c2007 978-1-55143-888-7 $9.95. JS

Beginning years after Nightwalker left off, this continues the story of Maurey, half nightwalker, half human. Told in alternating voices by Princess Eleanor and Korby, the Fenlander, the tale chronicles the murder of Eleanor's brother, her mother's break with the king, and her father's imprisonment by the evil Baron Sawfield. Eleanor determines to leave her mother's "safe haven" and travel to her betrothed, King Dugald, on her own; she is rescued by Maurey and Korby. She and Dugald marry and then return to Eswy Castle to confront Baron Saw field and his men, as well as to free her father.

This will be confusing...

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