Job Searches and Recruitment Getting the Most from Your Capabilities through Resumes and LinkedIn.

Author:Varkonyi, Irvin

The past year has proven strong in job growth as the digital economy continues to thrive and the overall economy seeks more technical skill sets. Some 70 percent of recruiters surveyed by Job Vite in 2016 forecasted strong growth in positions, especially in highly desirable technical fields. As you search for jobs, gain desired outcomes by getting the most from your capabilities through professional resumes and online tools such as LinkedIn. While you can continue to benefit by responding to job ads, companies now fine tune their recruitment online so that they find you, or rather your resume.

Let me start by stating what should be obvious. It should be accurate, not only with respect to dates, names and such, but there's no excuse for typos or the use of incorrect words. Spell check is good but it won't make sure you've used the correct word. I experience this frequently in grading papers for my students at the universities where I teach as an adjunct professor. You might ask someone to read your resume to look for such mistakes.

Jessica Hernandez, Executive Resume Writer, offers the following top ten best practices to develop an effective resume and job campaign (1):


How fresh is your resume? Has it been more than a few years since you've updated it? You have accomplished much in your current job and should add mote recent accomplishments. Even if you're not looking for a new job, updating your resume and posting it online may attract recruiters who might seek you out. It's always good to be wanted.


Consider the culture of the companies that you are interested in joining. This can be done by talking with company mangers or checking out the company Facebook and LinkedIn sites. Determine if this culture is appealing to you and if you will be appealing to the company's culture.


Create or update your LinkedIn profile. Says Hernandez, "87% of recruiters report using LinkedIn FIRST when it comes to searching for qualified candidates. This needs to be the first place you direct the employer so that they can learn more about your accomplishments and culture fit for their company.''


Keep politics out of your resume. Recruiters have personal political beliefs as you do. The resume is not the place to share your beliefs.


The resume is meant to grab the recruiters' attention. "Instead of using a career summary or profile at the top of your resume I encourage you to take the career snapshot route instead. We want to grab...

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