Job Performance of Local News.


Job Performance of Local News Based on a survey of 4,163 Gallup panel members Do you think news organizations in your local area do an excellent, good, fair or poor job at each of the following? EXCELLENT GOOD FAIR Providing factual 14% 49% 28% local news reports Highlighting the people 14% 47% 30% or groups that make a difference in your local area Educating people about 12% 49% 30% what is going on in your local area Making sure people in your 9% 45% 33% local area have the knowledge they need to be informed about public affairs Making people feel inspired or 8% 39% 37% uplifted by others in your local area Holding local leaders in politics, 8% 32% 37% business and other institutions accountable for their actions POOR Providing...

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